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Petition: Demand for Full Audit/Recount of NH Election

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One of our MeWe group members has started a petition at Conservative“We, the undersigned, hereby demand that a complete audit … be performed prior to The Governor’s and The Executive Council’s proposed certification of ballots on December the Second, 2020.”

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The Problem?

Our readers know what it is, so we hope they share it. The Blue Wave up top with the Red Wave underneath makes no sense but, more specifically, the company behind the equipment.

From the Petition.

It has become apparent that New Hampshire’s antiquated voting machines under the brand name AccuVote was acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in or around the year Two Thousand and Nine. Dominion itself is a foreign corporation domiciled in Canada which partners with a software company known as Smartmatic chiefly owned by an entity in Venezuela which farms the voting tally to (yet another) foreign entity in Barcelona, Spain known as Scytl.

Long story short, the petition asserts that the provenance is suspect, the equipment unreliable. Granite Stater’s have no expectation of vote integrity, and the political class has an obligation to correct this. Now.

Oh, and a statewide recount is necessary to ensure that the Blue wave up top and the red wave below is actually a thing.

You can read the entire petition here and sign it if you agree.

And no, I do not think this will persuade the Governor or Council to challenge the certification process for this election. However, it may add some leverage moving into the next session to investigate or address concerns, and that is a path worth walking.

To do that, it will need more than the 5000 signatures it seeks. We hope you will do what you can to help them exceed that threshold – not as a partisan issue but to encourage the political machine to address concerns about the integrity of our elections.