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Ask a Stupid Question and Get…

… affirmation or a new frightening clarity.

Depending on one’s observational qualities, the vide clip below will either: A) affirm your belief that many of your fellow Americans are dangerously uninformed sheeple, too happy-go-banality to know that they’re in trouble and unable to do anything about it; or B) eradicate the blithe faith that you share for many of your fellow Americans,  pummeling it with raining anvils and bulldozers to reveal a newfound, disturbing clarity.

Okay there is a C):  There’s a the slim chance that a Grok reader would be one of the happy-go-banality variety who would actually sign the petition.  If you are, then expect no such revelation but more of a feeling of laughter and bewilderment at your expense.

For me, I fall in the affirmation camp.

So from the provincial pages of “This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so true”, comes an offering from Mike Dice entitled “People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment.” 

If you’re also nestled around an affirmation campfire, grab a beer, sit back, and laugh a bit.  If you’re not, good luck with the anvils and bulldozers.  When it’s over, don’t be surprised if you begin to look askance at the empty space occupied atop the shoulders of many of your fellow Americans, and if you do, welcome.

Oh… his T-shirt’s pretty funny too.

A few excepts:

“We’re gonna just repeal the 2nd Amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right wing white extremists and just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the street”…

“… just repealing the 2nd Amendment door to door gun confiscation, that way only the unregistered guns will be out and we’ll be much safer that way”