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Yet another reason why I no longer talk to pollsters

As I said here, about phone polls, I really don’t want to waste my time and I’m not wanting to answer silly questions that I know that are setups for a desired result. How do I know? Well, by the question’s construction – and I’m not the only one (emphasis mine).

Narratives or facts and truth

Narratives or Facts and Truth

Narratives or facts and truth; what’s the difference? The news media are projecting a “narrative”. The fact news people are doing narratives, that the word is part of the lexicon conveys a message. We are in trouble.


Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society

Our readers are familiar with the marriage of Big Tech and the media when it comes to narrative control. It is the high-tech extension of what was once a monopoly on thought. The old days before AM radio and online contrarians. When the Left controlled the message.