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Why Do You Take Such Steps Unless You Have Something to Hide

Information War

The CCP has denied the WHO access to investigate the source of the virus. Whether its origin was accidental or intentional, the information would be helpful in preventing and sourcing potential treats. Why do you take such steps unless you have something to hide?

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Maybe they don’t but it does not change the appearance.

Unfortunately, China is far from alone in this quest for silence and ignorance. Many countries are hell-bent on controlling the narrative. They are increasing attacks on journalists who dig into the subject. The deeper they dig, the more they question the logic of what has happened the more aggressive the response.

According to recent media reports from such sources as The Times, The U.K. Defense Journal, The National News,  intelligence agencies in both the U.K. and the U.S. are now working hard. Their goal; elimination of “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion. The assertion is they are using sophisticated cyber warfare tools.

The information war is on and we are on the front line

We are in an information war. That could not be any clearer. There are organizations doing de-platforming, censorship, demonetization labeling, making warnings, etc. And, in a war where information is the key weapon, journalists are the soldiers. There will be casualties. Yet we cannot, we must not, stop. The freedom of every person in the world is at stake.

Submission and conformity are our enemy. Facts and truth are our friends. It is time to insist on all the information. Informed debate can only happen with a free press and free and unfettered speech. Those things are in increasingly short supply.

In a June 5, 2020, article by Courthouse News, at least 16 countries had in place laws “targeting misinformation about the coronavirus.” According to a senior researcher at the Asser Institute’s Centre for International and European Law, “Corona laws are often being used as a façade for the decline of democratic institutions …”

Countries that now have laws on the books restricting reporting of news about COVID-19 include: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Brazil, Cambodia, Hungary, Jordan Philippines, Romania, Russia, Thailand, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and the U.S territory of Puerto Rico. These countries are calling for fines and/or the arrest of journalists. The crime; an accusation of spreading misinformation about the virus. The reporting comes from the International Press Institute (IPI).