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Remember Surgisphere? You Should, They Helped “Kill Grandma”

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Do you remember Surgisphere? This data analytics firm appeared out of nowhere last year. Just long enough to issue a research paper suggesting a cheap, abundant, 50-year old drug (that could treat SARS CoV2) might kill you.

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The paper got wide play in the media, but when challenged, the paper was retracted and the company disappeared overnight.

The company disappeared but the lie it told stayed with us.

Surgisphere was created for one purpose. To put a stake in the heart of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Why? It was cheap, abundant, had multiple manufactures, all of whom were prepared to hand it out like candy, for free.

A drug used the world over, available over the counter, to effectively treat coronavirus-like respiratory illness. It’s even safe enough to take (like aspirin) as a precaution.

Any age, any condition, millions of doses safely consumed, and over 50 years of use.

Abundant, cheap, accessible HCQ meant no fear, no quarantine, no mandates, no emergency orders, nor shutdowns.

Insurers, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Government, and your local progressive politicians and (media) activists peddled the lie.

A study published on 22 May in The Lancet used hospital records procured by a little-known data analytics company called Surgisphere to conclude that coronavirus patients taking chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine were more likely to show an irregular heart rhythm—a known side effect thought to be rare—and were more likely to die in the hospital.

Not one of these groups stepped up to either defend HCQ contradict the naysayers. Of those that did defend it, many were shouted down, threatened, and deplatformed. Doctors lost licenses to practice, pharmacists were threatened if they filled prescriptions.

Tens of thousands of lives were needlessly lost and people continue to die.

All because a little-known analytics company published a paper in The Lancet that had to be pulled, too late. No one person responsible has a paid a price. In fact, the lies biggest defenders are now running the Federal Government.

And they have not stopped lying.