For the Next 7 Days You Will be "Flooded" with Fake Climate Crisis Propaganda Peddled as 'News' - Granite Grok

For the Next 7 Days You Will be “Flooded” with Fake Climate Crisis Propaganda Peddled as ‘News’

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In celebration of Earth Day (April,22), the corporate media and lobbyists in the Green movement have a plan. A week of media thunder and lightning, storms, floods, droughts, and plagues.

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The project’s co-founder, Mark Hertsgaard, has said news outlets should be devoting the same amount of time to climate change as they do COVID-19. The disease, which is caused by the novel coronavirus, originated in China before landing on the shores of the United States, where it has killed more than 25,000 people.

“Stories on other subjects have all but disappeared, and some newsrooms have halted production on non-coronavirus stories altogether,” Hertsgaard wrote in a March 25 blog post contrasting how the news outlets cover climate change with how they treat a pandemic.

Despite COVID-19 barely scratching the surface of a typical global flu season, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot and people are trapped in their homes. Don’t just talk about the coronavirus, talk about climate change!

“Partnering with Covering Climate Now to provide access to a selection of Reuters new and existing climate coverage free of charge allows other members to make the issue more accessible to their audiences, should they choose,” Reuters spokeswoman Deepal Patadia told TheDCNF.

Lead by the Columbia Journalism Review and Climate Now the plan is to get as many as 400 media outlets to milk this cow for the next seven days so prepare yourselves. Bulls**t is coming.