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Handcuffs due process

House Republicans Prepare Criminal Referrals on Team Mueller

The Mueller investigation was not an investigation. It was a taxpayer-funded anti-Trump media headline factory. Which, in the course of its duties, said or made up a lot of stuff that is now being challenged as illegal behavior. In other words, Team Mueller and the FBI lied, and someone thinks they should pay.

Mueller Resigns

The report says it all… Robert Mueller appeared in public yesterday to announce his resignation from the office of special counsel. He said he will not speak further about the investigation, noting the full report has been released. Mueller went on to say he will not provide any information beyond what has already been released. …

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Mueller Report Fallout

The report After 24 months and tens of millions of dollars the report is in. What we know is the report does not indict anyone who has not already been arrested. Those arrested to date are faced with charges having nothing to do with Russia collusion. President Trump is clearly not indicted. That does not …

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