Mueller Team Selectively Edited Out Exculpatory Evidence For Special Counsel Report. - Granite Grok

Mueller Team Selectively Edited Out Exculpatory Evidence For Special Counsel Report.


Mueller’s team has been caught selectively editing evidence released in the Mueller Report. They altered a phone conversation transcript to remove exculpatory content and now, the entire report suspect.

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None of this is new. Mueller was always a partisan who surrounded himself with pro-Hillary Trump-hating partisan. Together the milked and leaked. Intent on keeping the non-story of collusion clogging up the news cycle until 2020. Longer if Trump won.

The mission continues with an accusation of obstruction part of which relies on the details of the partisan witch hunt remaining secret.If only to protect the guilty on the left. But the left’s protestations about declassification of source documentation/evidence are in trouble

Federal prosecutors released one simple transcript from one phone call in a court file. The difference between the original and the content Mueller published begs the question, why leave those bits out?

Because they might exonerate the accused. 

The question now is, what else? And more specifically, how much of the case for obstruction has been manipulated or edited by the partisan Mueller circus to accomplish the only real goal this business ever had? An endless barrage of negative stories questioning Mr. Trump’s legitimacy.

The Democrats could give a rats ass about foreign interference, obstruction, or anything else, as long as they win.

When they lose, it’s not their fault. It can’t be; some third party intervened. At least that’s the story.

The flotilla of liberal media dreadnoughts troll the progressive waters in search of “incriminating” leaks while running cover for Democrats who are behind it all.

Mueller and his team were always partisans. Now they are guilty of manipulating evidence.

More redactions please, with a final side note. If the Intelligence Community has a mole close to Putin who would be exposed as a result of redactions, why didn’t that mole know that the collusion scheme was at best a Russian Disinformation camping or at worst (for Democrats) non-existent?

And it this mole did know and didn’t say, what good are they to the interests of United State’s citizens except as a tool to advance socialsim, and it’s advocates in America?