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What Mueller’s Report Teaches Us About Democrats

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The Mueller report is a partisan screed that does everything it can to make a case for guilt despite the lack of any evidence of guilt. Democrats, taking the cues Bobby Mueller left behind vow to continue the quest. And while they think the message is “Trump is guilty” the message is that neither evidence nor innocence matter.

This is not a new tack for the left. There is no such thing as presumption of innocence. The party of equality and diversity thrives on the absence of both. An Institutionalized ideological discrimination. White people are racists. Republicans are supremacists. Men are sexist. Conservatives are bigots. If you disagree you are a Nazi. Mix and match or choose all of the above.

You are not innocent until proven guilty. You are not guilty until proven innocent. You are guilty. Shut up, or we’ll “prove it.’

The last part is the most important.

All of this is the globalization of speech suppression using intimidation. That includes the use of force.

You are with them or else…

Democrats invented Jim Crowe laws to discriminate and intimidate blacks. To enforce a racial caste system. To minimize their presence, drive them away, and silence them.

The Democrat party formed the Ku Klux Klan as an extra-military organization. Street thugs who exercised the party will (through a domestic terror campaign).

The combined message was simple. You do not belong. You have no rights. This government will not protect you.

We see similar tactics from the modern Left.  Their war on a campaign slogan. A president. His supporters. Republicans. Men. Anyone who dares to stick their head up and speak out or disagree with Democrats or their agenda. Including otherwise protected identity classes. Women, blacks, Hispanics, kids, blue-collar workers, and LGBTQ folks.

You only get their protection if you carry their water. If you do not or will not, you are not free. You do not have a voice. They will use force against you.

Shut up, or we’ll shut you up

The heart of this tactic is to force compliance and silence dissent. Blacks were treated as non-human to justify their abuse. Today it is not the color of your skin but the ideas you support and the words you use.

Be it street thugs or the Federal surveillance state. Mobs of protesters or government gag orders. Accusations and investigations whose outcomes are irrelevant if they fail to silence you or remove you from influence.

You are not safe from prosecution or persecution.

The Mueller investigation was a fancy show trial with no trial. Its inability to prove guilt to Democrats means “we keep looking.”

I’m not sure how many times I have to say this, but they have no tolerance, and this is how they intend to govern.

Democrats, all of them, by first embracing the collusion narrative and then ignoring the report showing there was none (despite trying as hard as any group of partisan Trump-haters could) demonstrate that any power their party is permitted will be used to deny you your rights.

Speech, assembly, and due process are just the beginning

Because you are not innocent until proven guilty. You are not guilty until proven innocent. You are guilty. If you refuse to lay down and shut up, they will keep looking until they find a way to prove guilty even if they have to make it up.

They will go after your employer, your bank, your family, your reputation, your web-hosting service, your social media accounts, you. There is no end to the exercise of force Democrats are willing to invoke to take you out of the game. 

The Mueller report is just the most advertised example of this to date.

But it’s not the only lesson. Mr. Trump refuses to lay down. A very un-Republican thing to do. You can follow that example if you’d like. We’ve been doing that here for years. But there’s another way you can help. Your ballot is still secret.

At every opportunity, vote the Democrat out of office.

Just say no to guilty with no chance of innocence.

It’s the only way.