Why Would You Obstruct an Investigation When You Knew it Would Prove You Are Innocent? - Granite Grok

Why Would You Obstruct an Investigation When You Knew it Would Prove You Are Innocent?

Trump smiling

The obstruction “gift” Mueller penciled into his report was meant to breathe life into the Left in the wake of the failure to prove collusion. But then, Mueller knew there was no collusion. Probably within months of starting it. But Trump Derangement Syndrome has no shelf life.

Even when there’s no there-there.

So, we get dopes like this. Adam Schiff. A guy who was as sure as CNN that Mueller would bring indictments and prove collusion.

“Whether these acts are criminal or not, whether the obstruction of justice was criminal or not or whether these contacts were sufficiently illicit … they are unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic”

The Make America Great Again guy is unpatriotic. That’s your new thing?

As for dishonest, unethical, and immoral, we’re going to uncover plenty of that as the investigation into the investigation unfolds. The limited amount of material already released is damning for Democrats, Clinton, and even Obama. Which I suspect was Trump’s thinking all along.

Which brings me to the headline. Trump knew he didn’t do anything. He saw the unredacted FIA warrants. He had access to all the paperwork. They never had a case because there wasn’t one to have. So why would that guy obstruct that investigation?

We know he didn’t Read Comey’s book. Check the reams of released transcripts. Then look at the tweets and smile because Trump has been playing the media and Democrats for chumps this whole time.

The evidence points to an orchestrated plot by the Obama Administration, the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, assets in the CIA and FBI, and foreign intelligence sources none of whom, after more than two years of examining a case they created, could make any of it stick.

Because it was all a lie. A lie for which obstruction is their last gasp to keep it that way.

And the media will do their best, even though they’ve got no credibility left.

Remember. Trump Derangement Syndrome has no shelf life.

And if they had an obstruction case, Team Mueller would have made it.