The Mueller Report – We’ve Got a Copy. All 448 Pages (yes, it’s redacted)

Mueller Report Cover Page

There was no collusion. Period. There was no obstruction. Period. (Because you can’t obstruct what didn’t happen nor would you think too.) But since this is all political and facts don’t matter, it’s still a topic of discussion. And here we are, starting another debate.

Because, at the end of the day, and every day, Trump can’t possibly have won, so there has to be a way to prove his presidency is illegitimate. That’s all this is or ever was; tens of millions wasted to provide fodder for friendly media outlets. And the Mueller report confirms that part.

The waste. The fraud and abuse by the Democrats, Clinton, Obama, folks on Mueller’s team (involved in Clinton scandals and Trump Team Spying) and a weaponized FBI and CIA are forthcoming.

So about the report.

We have it. You can read it for yourselves. Or you can wait for us to plow through the reaction and cite the report for contrast. For now, here you go! (Or, wait for the movie! – that’s supposed to be a joke.)

Mueller Report