Desperate Democrats Aren't Waiting On Mueller - Open Obstruction Investigation on Trump - Granite Grok

Desperate Democrats Aren’t Waiting On Mueller – Open Obstruction Investigation on Trump


Who didn’t see this coming? Four separate Democrat lead House Committees are opening investigations into Trump. Obstruction, his finances, his real estate business, and yes, collusion 2.0 (or whatever number we’re up to). All because the last two-plus years of Mueller “we have you know” media leaks produced nothing but a flash-bang of incestous “end of Trump” reporting followed by reality.

They got nothing.

Not that having something is the goal. Not anymore. Maybe not ever. I outlined the goal when I predicted that obstruction was the next thing on tap from House Democrats.

They will try again because they believe they can sell it. And they need some excuse to keep feeding the press. There wasn’t any but finding actual obstruction was never the point. Distraction is the point. So, expect more hearings, testimony, scores of red-herrings. There will be plenty of press coverage. Maybe we’ll see arrests on a few more process crimes. But mostly this is a colossal waste of resources and time.

Because Democrats hate to lose. And they will do or say anything if it damages Trump.

Unless of course, it damages them.

We’ve seen our share of TDS related side-effects. They include charges of libel, perjury, and a growing distrust of their motivation among average Americans – along the lines of war weariness. Why are we still doing this?

People are just getting sick and tired of their endless whining. 

Speaking for GraniteGrok, we love it. It gives us endless opportunities to tie local Leftists to national Democrat dingbats.

So, thank you. Investigate away. We never run out of “ink.”