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Mitt Romney’s Favorability Falls Off a Cliff

When I say this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy I mean that. Mitt Romney. He went to Washington and took over for John McCain as the Chief RINO Anti-Trumper band leader and (believe it or not) Americans aren’t impressed.

Never Trumpers’ Perfect Ticket: Delecto-Danger 2020

From the dank seedy basements of the Internet, and the fertile imagination of Dark Angel Politics, comes the perfect dynamic duo to energize that much sought after “squishy middle” of the electorate. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Delecto-Danger 2020! H/T American Thinker

Notable Quote – Vectorman

And this is why I endorse and will vote for Donald Trump for re-election. Reformatted, emphasis mine: “Brooks is, of course, horrified at Trump and his supporters, whom he finds childish, thuggish and contemptuous of the things that David Brooks likes about today’s America. It’s clear that he’d like a social/political revolution that was more …

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Blogline of the Day – Why did Obama Win?

We interrupt this orgy of Obama worship to recall that his campaign huddled early in 2012 and reflected that they could not run on his first-term record. Accordingly, the strategy was “Kill Romney.” Congratulations. That what we’re celebrating today. – Mona Charen, NRO Contributor and syndicated columnist

Data Point – A tidbit from the Presidential race – if it means anything at all

FWIW: The Corner: But wait, just in case this wasn’t bad enough, here’s a look at Obama’s vote margin in some key states as of this afternoon (these figures will change a bit as those straggling precincts report in): Virginia: 107,339          Ohio: 100,763           Florida: 47,493          Colorado: 111,094 Nevada: 66,379          Total: 433,068 So for less than …

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