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What Did Deb “Hot Dog” Stevens Think About Mitt Romney’s Dog on the Roof Story in 2012?

Deb Stevens heat stressed dog - screen grab - facebook

Mitt Romney lost to Barak Obama in 2012 for many reasons, none of them likely tied to binders full of women or the dog on the car roof story. But the latter popped into my head after writing the story about Dem Deb “Hot Dog” Stevens leaving her pooch in a hot car all day.

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Stevens is a long-time Left-Wing narrative shill who parrots the taking points without question. The Nashua Democrat is a reliable rubber-stamp for whatever CNN or MSNBC or HuffPo, or the DNC decide are the facts or the news. She must have had something to say about this story.

Remember that time, back in 1986, when Mitt Romney put his dog in a pet carrier on the roof of his family truckster for a 12-hour drive? That was the tale they told.

If that news came out today, it would be an impeachable offense (Republicans only). Back in 2012, it was not unlike the Bush National Guard story, except that Bush won and Romney lost. My point being, it was one of those “let’s use this” to show [name Republican] as some insensitive out of touch politician in it for himself.

News Flash! They are all in it for themselves at that level (with rare and few exceptions), but what about the alleged dog on the car roof abuse?

Unreported, at the time, was that Mittens had fashioned a “windshield” for the carrier. The Setter was basically in a convertible, free to sniff and enjoy the ride. Would I have done it? No, nor would I leave my dog in a hot car, parked in the sun, all day long.

Deb “Hot Dog” Stevens did the latter and was pissy and crass when confronted about it.

One other difference.

No one in the New Hampshire media is (as yet) reporting about how Deb “Hot Dog” Stevens abused her dog by leaving it stuck in a hot car in the sun for hours, except us.