Democrat Deb Steven's 'Hot Dog' Day Involves an Actual Dog Left in a Hot Car (in the Sun) for Hours [Updated] - Granite Grok

Democrat Deb Steven’s ‘Hot Dog’ Day Involves an Actual Dog Left in a Hot Car (in the Sun) for Hours [Updated]

Deb Stevens heat stressed dog - screen grab - facebook

If you are unfamiliar with Nahua Democrat Rep. Deb Stevens, she’s the piece of work that claimed Republicans were stockpiling guns and ammo to commit mass slaughter during a civil war.

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The closest we got was the murder of Ashli Babbitt in DC by the government unless non-stop violence by Antifa or BLM counts. It doesn’t, which is why Stevens is such a treasure (that’s sarcasm).

Stevens went on to claim that if Trump loses, these people “are planning to use their guns to deliberately harm others.” Again, no concern about Antifa or BLM or the street criminals released into liberal cities committing actual violence, some with guns.

She’s your far-left, rubber-stamp, kool-aid drinking poster child for dopey Democrat narratives.

She’s all your average copy and paste ruling class progressive who talks out of both sides of both faces.

Peruse the archives. It would be funny if not for the fact that people in her blue Nashua district keep giving her legislative authority, which she exercised this past week during another suitably socially distanced House session in Bedford.

The session where Deb left her dog in her car all day. In a minivan. In the sun.

Deb Stevens Dog in Hot sun


This violates not just common sense but should ping the outrage meter on both sides of the aisle by all accounts. It also borders on animal cruelty when the temps reach into the 70s, which they did.

I’m not saying Deb doesn’t love her pooch or dogs in general, but what sort of clueless self-absorbed dope has to be shamed into (at the very least) moving the vehicle with the dog trapped in it out of the sun on a warm day?

That’s Nashua Democrat Deb Stevens.



Rep Burt, famous for many things, including Hot Dog day at the state House (an annual fundraiser to help our furry four-legged friends), comes to the rescue of another hot dog, which is almost allegorical.

Democrats claim to be the defenders of the vulnerable, when in fact, they are not – with Republicans having to come to their rescue even though people like Deb Stevens convince them that we are the enemy.

And look, she’s a slob.


HT | Rep. Judy Aron, Rep. John Burt