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Another “Political Campaign Stunt” By Romney

“It seems that the first victim of an Obama campaign is the truth.” —Mitt Romney

Throughout this campaign, there is one issue Mitt Romney has not  talked about. What the Romney has not talked about is his profound generosity over many, many years to so many people. Mitt has not only given of himself personally, but he has given his time and a significant amount of his wealth to truly help others in need.

We have seen report after report of others (Not those in the Romney Camp) going forth to the media and speaking of how Mitt and his family have been so exceedingly generous  to so many for more than 40 years. Let me say that again. Mitt and his family have been so exceedingly generous  to so many for more than 40 years.

I never really knew much about Mitt Romney’s generosity. Fact is, it is grossly understated, underreported and underemphasized. Oh, and to be sure, the lamestream media is always all to willing to ignore Romney’s long and extensive and well-documented history of selfless giving and generosity.

Here is another little factoid. If you look at the generosity…each and every example, Mitt never seemed to expect anything in return other than, perhaps, the satisfaction of maybe knowing that he was a guy in the right place at the right time with the resources that made a huge and profound difference in the lives of so many.

And I am not talking about the very public Romney achievements. I am talking about the ones we would never, to this day, know anything about, were it not for those people stepping up and talking about them. Even Mitt downplays them in the way that Mitt does.  Finally we should all take notice that Romney has been consistent in this generosity without any regard to what he did or was or is doing in public life.

So it is pretty clear that there is a Mitt Romney…a truly good and decent and honorable and generous Mitt Romney that we all need to know about…but he isn’t going to tell us…And he isn’t going to tell us because he isn’t a braggart. I sincerely believe that Mitt sees his generosity as nothing more than simply, “the right thing to do,” and in keeping with his personal commitment to his faith.

So here we are…two days out from the election…just a week after hurricane Sandy. What does Mitt Romney do? The Romney campaign collected goods and supplies while campaigning in Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Governor Romney then deployed his campaign bus to make delivery to those affected by the Hurricane Sandy. Last Monday, Andrea Saul told press in response to questions, “Governor Romney’s concern is the safety and well-being of those in the path of Hurricane Sandy,”

So, what’s not to believe? Mitt, with his endless track record of quiet, low-profile giving simply does one more selfless act of giving. And we didn’t hear it from the media…But now, with the elections on Eve’s doorstep, here is how they characterized Mitts Generosity:  ” A campaign stunt.”   None other than that stupid blowhard skin-covered skeleton  at PMSNBC, Andrea Mitchell could so quickly deduce that.

During the primaries, I was probably one of the most strident opponents of Mitt Romney. I even referred to Mitt as the “Matthew Lesko of American Politics”  But being dragged kicking, screaming all the way, I accepted the cold hard facts about the man, Mitt Romney. And the cold hard fact is that Romney is a superior human being, all politics aside.  He is a generous and giving human being and truly an example of a great American.

So Mitt Romney’s organizing assistance for the hurricane victims is a mere political stunt, according to the lamestream media. And that is what the lame stream media tells us, despite the voluminous Romney history that clearly and factually belies that very assertion.

The Lame stream media has now reached new levels of corruption and untruth. “Bastards” is far too polite a characterization in describing the Democrats, the mainstream liberal left-wing, biased, pablum-puking, prune-picking people who are taking up valuable air in our society.

Christopher Hedges does not know how telling he really is when he said, We now live in a nation where Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy…” and out of those smelly ashes stand people like Mitt Romney…were it not for the Mitt Romneys of the World, this would be an even worse place.

If you truly want change, vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Tuesday. If Mitt says he can change our course, I believe him.