Whistle-blower Who (didn't) 'Overhear' Trump Ukraine Call is a Democrat Who Worked on a Presidential Campaign - Granite Grok

Whistle-blower Who (didn’t) ‘Overhear’ Trump Ukraine Call is a Democrat Who Worked on a Presidential Campaign

Propaganda braying donkey Blue

We like free speech because when Democrats exercise it, they provide us with more material than we can know what to do. A case in point: The Left’s latest “we have you now” scandal.

Every day it keeps getting better, by which I mean worse for them and asshats like Mitt Romney.

I only mention Romney because he’s got his head so far up the Swamp Donkeys ass to have accelerated past “a major embarrassment to just Republicans” to the entire nation.  A role model for trolls and never-Trumpers everywhere.

Does he not know that this president has a 90% approval rating with his party? Could it occur to him that he should try to find out why?


Swamp blinders prevent him from seeing beyond the approved narratives.

Who is Playing with Whom?

Romney, the Media, and Democrats right there to pick up the breadcrumbs that lead into another trap Trump saw coming a mile away. Or maybe Trump set it? Not that this matters. The news the media doesn’t share continues to expose the fraud being committed by the Democrats.

It turns out the so-called whistleblower is a registered Democrat who was employed by a previous Democrat Presidential Primary candidate.  Imagine if it was one of Joe Biden’s campaigns?

Could have just as easily been an associate of Mitt Romney or Bill Kristol. The Swamp is full of them, and they hate Trump (and you). They will do anything or concoct any narrative, to be rid of him probably because they realize that at present, they can’t beat him. And if he wins in 2020, he’ll have enough time to uncover more of their malfeasance and misfeasance.

Is this a good time to point out that we have the lowest unemployment since 1969? And continue to have record low unemployment (meaning record employment) for Black and Hispanic Americans — strange behavior for someone they have labeled a Nazi White Supremacist bigoted hater.

I guess he is stupid. He shows his disdain by signing bills and executive orders and trade deals that create record numbers of jobs for people of color, helping them climb the economic ladder of success.

What sorcery is this!?

All while Democrats and Romney-Republicans call him names and waste taxpayer money trying to stop him from doing that. By any means necessary. Including behavior that could put a few Democrats in jail. Ans a November 2020 win means more time to put more corruptocrats to the question. To drain the swamp.

So, the circus we see now will appear small and trite in comparison to the chaos from the Swamp Donkey after November 2020.

We can’t wait to see it.