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Mitt Romney’s Favorability Falls Off a Cliff


When I say this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy I mean that. Mitt Romney. He went to Washington and took over for John McCain as the Chief RINO Anti-Trumper band leader and (believe it or not) Americans aren’t impressed.

The Utah Republican is looked at positively by just 18% of Americans, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday. His favorability has dropped from 43% since October 2012, prior to losing his presidential bid to then-President Barack Obama.

Keep in mind Mr. Romney is a ruling class blue blood. The sort of Republican who panders to the left for fun and favors (and profit). One of those “Seat at the table” guys, even if it’s the kid’s table. That means he should have some support from moderates on both sides, RINO’s everywhere, and even a few Dems. 

Only 18%?

That’s lousy.

Did they poll for Pierre Delecto? Did “he” do Romney better or worse?

Does it matter? Beyond loggers making fun of him, I mean? He’s in the US Senate, the political pasture for ruling class RINOs. He’ll probably be there forever, blocking good justices and rubberstamping bad ones. And to think he was the nominee in 2012.

We saw how that worked out. Barack Obama has a major scandal with Benghazi two months before the election and the outcome? Obama wins re-election. We get the Iran deal, Paris Accord, more deep state nonsense. And this Secretary of State during that  September 11th attack is the Democrat nominee in 2016 along with all the corruption at the DNC, the deep state, and foreign meddling.

All of which they are trying to pin on Trump. And Romney is right there with them.

Obama and Clinton both should have been retired from politics forever after that. Of course, then we’d have had a president Romney and probably no Trump in 2016.

Maybe these things happen for a reason.

It’s obvious Romney’s approval ratings do.

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