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I Think I’ll Just Leave This Here – but Well Deserved

Ya caught me!

Well deserved, well deserved.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) did not receive a warm welcome during his speech at Utah Republican Party convention. On Saturday, Romney addressed the crowd of 2,100 delegates but was met with loud boos. The Utah senator said, “Now you know me as a person as someone who says what he thinks. And I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues.”

The boos grew louder as Romney made his reference to former President Donald Trump, to which he responded, “Aren’t you embarrassed?

Total non-self-awareness with that quip. A Republican male version of Democrat Gracie Gato is the first thing that comes to mind.

Wonder if either would get that reference?

Anyways, I think the boos were well deserved. After all, both Doug and I experienced his “pro-life conversion” yakkity-yak when he ran for President back in 2008 (we endorsed Fred Thompson in that primary). A completely stupid explanation why he flipped his view – simply for political gain.

I have no idea why he thinks going Never-Trumper would actually help him.

(H/T: IJR)