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Why Trump?

Doug Lambert is the Trump Town Chair for Gilford, NH. He joins us to explain his support for Donald Trump, the energy he feels from the campaign and Trump supporters, and how he sees The Donald dominating the media and the message.  

Gov. George Pataki

Governor George Pataki drops in to the studio to talk about running for president, and his qualifications for the job.  

Carly Fiorina – CNHT Taxpayer Picnic

Carly Fiorina spent some time at the annual Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Picnic. This event is a magnet for grassroots activists and campaign operatives – in a primary year. Here are her complete remarks.  

Pete Ingemi – NH FITN Summit

Radio Host Pete Ingemi – DaTechGuy – give us his thoughts from last weekends First In the Nation Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, where activists and presidential candidates both likley and declared gathered for the two-day event.    

GrokTALK! with Joe Barton

Joe Barton joins Skip and Mike at the Seacoast Republican Women’s/Rockingham County Republican Brunch to talk first in the nation politics and other local and national issues.  

GrokTALK! with Jeff Chidester

Jeff Chidester, host of New Hampshire Perspective, joins the program for more discussion on First in the Nation Presidential politics. Ted Cruz taking New Hampshire Seriously; Rand Paul working the Establishment side of the aisle; who is running to be president as opposed to VP, or a cabinet gig, and a lot more.

GrokTALK! with Jack Kimball and Jo Horvath

Seacoast Republican Women’s Chair Jo Horvath and Jack Kimball — former NHGOP Chair and current chair of Conservative Business Leaders of NH — join the program to talk about Republican primary politics in the Granite State. Recorded at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland, NH – Seacoast Republican Women/Rockingham County Republican Committee Brunch    

GrokTALK! with Dr. Betsy McCaughey

ObamaCare expert and health Care advocate Dr. Betsy McCaughey joins us to talk about King v Burwell, the courts real role, subsidies, Health Care Coverage–and the Republican off-ramp from ObamaCare, post Obama-Care America, EPA, USDA, and other regulatory intrusions, and then the upcoming First in the Nation Summit here in New Hampshire.