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GrokTALK! with Dr. Betsy McCaughey

ObamaCare expert and health Care advocate Dr. Betsy McCaughey joins us to talk about King v Burwell, the courts real role, subsidies, Health Care Coverage–and the Republican off-ramp from ObamaCare, post Obama-Care America, EPA, USDA, and other regulatory intrusions, and then the upcoming First in the Nation Summit here in New Hampshire.  

Does This Mean Ted Cruz is Running For President?

We live streamed a Ted Cruz event with the Strafford County Republicans this afternoon. The full audio and video will get posted at some point soon but I wanted to share this GrokSHOT!  During the Q & A Senator Cruz was asked if he is running for President, and this was his response.  

The Bells! The Bells!

My phone has been ringing about every 15 minutes.  If this is getting on my nerves I can’t imagine how the non-activist citizens are taking it.  But tomorrow that ends–for a little while. And today we vote. Who will win the New Hampshire Primary?  Include your run down of who comes out where and feel …

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O’Brien to Endorse Gingrich; Horn will Endorse Romney

The Manchester Union Leader is reporting today that House Speaker Bill O’Brien plans to formally endorse Newt Gingrich today.  This was noted last week but not formally stated. “I want a candidate who has a clear understanding of conservative philosophy. I look for someone who has good instincts, someone who is intelligent and has great …

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I’d Like To Thank New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans

Speaking for myself, I’d like to say thank You. No, really. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than the childish, backstabbing, power hungry hypocrites we all knew you were. You don’t care about the New Hampshire Republican party, you just care about who is running it and your place in the pecking order.

While Everyone is Pissed Off at Rick Perry

Romney is not the presumptive winner, not because of Rick Perry, but because most Republicans really are still looking for a candidate they can get behind and Perry is the best high-profile “not Romney” candidate to come forward.