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Presidential Primary Politics – If NH Is Too White to be “First” Then We “Identify” as Black

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It’s never too early to attack New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary (FITN). An old ploy made new in recent years with accusations that we’re just too damn white.

Something of a problem for NH Democrats who’ve been pickling a narrative that’s now come back to bite them in their Lilly white ass.

From the Boston Globe, care of Breitbart.


Many Democrats, including some who ran for president in 2020, say Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn’t hold the nation’s first nominating contests because their majority-white populations don’t reflect the Democratic electorate.


But they do; ask a New Hampshire Democrat.


Bill Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democratic National Committeeman, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) husband, is against changing states primary dates and locations. … “One, it’s tradition, and two, we do a great job,” he said.


Translated: Years of whining by white Democrats about racist white republicans has a growing mob of “mostly peaceful protesters” trying to tear down the gates. A job local NH Democrats embrace with the joy and enthusiasm of a Labrador Retriever unstuffing a plushy (to find that ‘racist’ squeaker) with one exception. The FITN Primary.

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Why? The tradition of the perception of power and influence.

The Granite State’s place on the political calendar makes it a primary vacation destination. Political tourism. Our hotels fill up with reporters and pundits and pols and camp followers for the better part of a year. They wander our byways spending a fortune on gas and liquor and tobacco and in our restaurants.

There’s a lot of money on the table.

There are also meetings and parties and pressers and glad-handing and jobs on campaigns that could last months or years no matter which donkey you decide to ride. (The same is true for the elephants in the room).

And the cameras and microphones are to Live Free and Die for!

And that First in the Nation Primary thing is the only reason many Americans have heard of New Hampshire or have a vague idea of its shape.

“It’s a kind of squidgy triangle” – but do not expect anyone outside the Northeast to point it out even after googling it, especially for Democrats. We’ve got White Mountains (racist!) about our state potato is White (RACISTS!), but the state does not look white on most maps.

I know what you’re thinking, New Hampshire has a state potato?

My point is that this has nothing to do with demographics, the electorate, or even skin color. It is about power and money and influence and perception. Every other argument is donkey sh!t.

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New Hampshire is the hot blonde at the primary party, and the other girls (and boys) are pissed that no one pays attention to them until she’s about to leave the room.

So, the bigger problem, at least for New Hampshire Democrats, is this. They lean heavily on the very narrative being used to undermine the state’s primary status. Sorry, lean is too polite. They lean their body into the left hook (pivot those hips) they deliver at any opportunity.

Racism rants are their moldy bread and butter—the rotten apple of their culture-war eye. The spoiled cream in their supposedly fair-trade, responsibly soured, low-carbon-footprint latte.

Their hate and systemic racism narrative monster have risen to attack one of its creators (the Dems pale-white party chair has also been a DNC vice-chair for years).

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What do you do when something that is part of your political DNA is thrust at you to undermine a position of political prominence upon which you thrive?

My suggestion would be to claim you identify as black.

That should get the conversation moving along nicely.