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They Were Wrong. It Was Islam.

Islam came from Arabia. When it broke out of its shell in the desert the first place it went was to The Byzantine world. Byzantium was past its prime and well into decay. The Christians of the Byzantine recorded the event as an Arabic invasion. They were wrong. It was Islam.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

Freedom and Truth or Slave to Fear

The costs of lockdowns do not depend on the reasons behind them. There is in a lockdown a sudden and arbitrary interruption of individual plans. Our cessation of movements and relationships causes psychological harm.

Mask burning party outside Ohio city hall

We Can’t Live if We Are Always Afraid

It’s time to get over the panic and fear and get back to work. The President left the hospital the other day. He had a simple message for the American people. He said do not live in fear or let the fear of this virus “dominate” your life.