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People Living in Irrational Fear of This Virus Have Their Representatives: The Rest of Us Have Almost No One

Covid spray the earth

I’m going to give this a name. It’s Tom Woods Anti-Panic Porn. The rational look at the world of COVID from the other side. Yes, we’ve been doing that all year. No, we’re not the only ones’ but Tom Woods’ words, the title of this post, are as true as ever.

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People who are living in irrational fear of this virus already have their representatives: the entire entertainment world, the media, and virtually all of the political class.

The rest of us have almost no one.

It’s not just COVID, but I don’t want to get off track because I’ve been making this point for months. There is not nearly enough attention being paid to thousands locally and millions nationally being harmed by the political response—people whose lives have been destroyed by this or will.

Dr. Woods is trying to speak for them.

People whose family members died because their procedures were indefinitely postponed, or who lost a loved one to suicide, or who have had everything they’ve poured their hearts into crushed and destroyed — they have no one.

Elderly people dying of social isolation, and who are told they can see their grandkids through a window or over Zoom, but who think they themselves can best judge what kind of life they want to live, likewise have no one to speak for them.

The physical and mental health toll of the restrictions and shutdowns is staggering — and nobody is allowed to mention it for fear of being told they want grandmothers to die.

No one will speak for them.

His message is this. Someone needs to speak for them, and that someone is us. He is willing to be a face of the charge and to join his reach to deliver that message. To carry the banner. A Flag we’ve been happy to wave. A cause being pursued locally by groups like ReopenNH and RiseupNH, both of whom we support.

On a larger stage, Dr. Simone Gold and America’s Frontline Doctors. The thousands of professionals who have signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration (“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal”). The Plandemic Movies and Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. David E. Martin, Ph.D. All making a claim that Dr. Woods summarizes with this.

Protect the vulnerable, let everyone else live their life.

I’ll close with this. Tom Woods shared an exchange you may have experienced as a person trying to live outside the bubble of fear. You challenge the approved orthodoxy, and they accuse you of killing grandma or, in this case, not caring. Here’s the exchange.


On Twitter, I just received this stimulating intellectual response:

Was anything I said in the talk disputed? Of course not.

So I replied:

She disputed none of them. I was then told that what “got us into this horrid situation” was “carelessness and not caring about one another.”

This conventional line of argument makes me crazy.

So I came back with, “I just showed you that 130 MILLION people are at risk of starvation because of your preferred policies, and you’re telling me about not caring about people! Unbelievable! Physician, heal thyself!”

We can protect high-risk people by allowing them to choose to do some or all of the things suggested by the “experts,” but those things are killing healthy people, and they are not being allowed not to do them. It is ruining their lives. Destroying their livelihoods. Generational wreckage. For what amounts to flu that almost no one needs to fear. That has to stop.

We want to thank Dr. Woods for using his name and resources and his reach to carry this message. We are happy to help carry it with him. Could you do that too? Even though, as you know, the representatives of irrational fear, “the entire entertainment world, the media, and virtually all of the political class,” are aligned against us.

But when was that not the case? And when did that ever stop us from trying?

If you have not seen Tom Woods’ presentation, the COVID Cult, check it out.