The Other NH 'Body Count' - Suicide Calls Spike "At a Rate We've Not Seen Before" - Granite Grok

The Other NH ‘Body Count’ – Suicide Calls Spike “At a Rate We’ve Not Seen Before”

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We have zero grasp of the lives and livelihoods lost due to the political response to COVID19, but our guess is they are significant. And a looming lockdown 2.0 (in time for the holidays) is making matters worse across the Granite State and yours as well.

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Local first responders in New Hampshire are reporting an unprecedented spike in suicide-related calls.

“The calls are coming in and they’re coming in at a rate that we’ve not seen before,” said Mark Doyle who is the Director of the New Hampshire Division of Emergency Services.

Doyle says call centers are currently experiencing an alarming increase in the number of suicide-related 911 calls that started in early November.

While New Hampshire has experienced more than 400 deaths with or from COVID19, how many people have “died” due to the restrictions placed on the economy and basic liberties? Again, we do not know. No one wants to calculate that because it would challenge the prevailing narrative.

That the bigger threat is the virus.

It is not.

“The CDC recently discovered there’s been a double increase in the reporting of suicidal ideations,” Jacobs explained. “During this pandemic, we know there’s been isolation, we know there has been increasing financial stress, unemployment, and these are all risk factors.”

That’s a soft-sell of the actual problem. Through the use of force, the government has placed limitations on life, liberty, property, and it’s killing people. They are destroying businesses, unemploying millions by restricting the movements of the healthy instead of just securing those truly at risk.

But wait, there’s more.

The repeated and deliberate fearmongering about a virus that is no threat to healthy people has added significant stress, even for those who can still work and interact with other people.

But wait, there’s more.

The media, social media, primarily the Democrat party, and their water carriers have amplified the message of fear into a state of near-constant terror.

YOU. ARE. KILLING. PEOPLE! And you are using the media and the government to do it. People are not even free to assume rick based on their own circumstances.

As I noted this morning, the political response is a bigger threat to America and Americans than the virus. And not just our health. Our liberty, faith, or independence, and a future where our kids can enjoy these things are all on lockdown. The same act of force creates alcoholics, drug addicts, poverty, dependency, and increasing instances of domestic abuse.

The response is destroying people and families.

What do we see on TV or the internet or our email? Covid cases and deaths.

In New Hampshire, those numbers are being hawked as reaching dangerous levels, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths is minimal. And while no one wants anyone to die, there are treatments for COVID19, but the only cure for the political response is different responses.

Until then, we will continue to experience record numbers of people contemplating suicide even though no one is reporting that.

When do we start counting those bodies? When do their lives matter?

When politicians can use them to control us if I had to guess.