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My Rights Don’t Stop at Your Fears, My Rights Trump Your Fears.

How Deadly is Covid?

A pressing question from Kyle Smith: At what point do we decide that enough people have been vaxxed that pandemic restrictions should be tailored to them rather than to the unvaccinated?”

Great question but I no longer care about the “we” part anymore. And I disagree with the restrictions, too.

Frankly, I’m exhausted about having to always think about the Collective before MY outlook can be considered and I’m angry that too many people demand that they are allowed to place obligations upon me without my assent – so neither is going to happen anymore.

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I’m vaccinated and I started to refuse to wear a mask a long time ago in most cases. This kabuki theater has gone on too long – and the Powers That Be (and the Collectivists First crowd led by Bruce Currie et al) can’t get their stories straight.

  • The masks work
  • Oh, the masks don’t work, get the vaccine, it works
  • Oh, the vaccines don’t work 100% of the time so put a mask on anyway.
  • In fact, Masks Forever!

Yeah, Up Yours.

An N95 mask works as long as it is fitted right.

The disposables don’t and neither do the cloth ones for the purposes that the “experts” tell us they do – it’s called physics.

Sure, virus in droplets and all that but the pores in each and all. And now the “experts” can’t make up their minds if it is 3 feet or 6 feet or 60 feet for “socially distant.”

I just want the “experts to be far, FAR away from me and that still won’t be socially distant enough. Health is a major part of one’s life, I will admit, but it’s not the only one and certainly not the most important one most of the time. The experts, the Faucis, and the Birx’s of the world have bungled too much too many times. I refuse to play this kabuki game anymore.

Folks like Currie DEMAND that I have an obligation to others in this regard – their unrealized problem is that they’ve tried to bring that message home with sledgehammers far too often and want to make it permanent. They are, knowingly or unknowingly, are using the notion that the Collective outside of oneself is the UTMOST obligation you can have – YOU must keep ME safe.

No, YOU keep YOU safe. As I have told the detestable Moms Demand Action gun-grabbers during testimony in front a NH House Committee, my Rights don’t stop at your fears, they TRUMP your fears.

They seem to get agitated at that for some reason…


Six months ago, the argument for keeping things closed was that letting strangers pack in together in businesses risked starting new chains of transmission that would ultimately claim the old and vulnerable. Six months later, we’ve arrived at the point where nearly all adults who want to be immunized have had an opportunity. Unless you’re immunocompromised or a young child, your risk of being infected is now essentially under your own control. So why should the vaccinated be kept out of restaurants, bars, concert halls, or sports events because some stubborn vaccine refuseniks won’t protect themselves by getting their shots?

The Jab is free at application time in most areas (at least here in NH) although we all know the dirty secret is that we either have paid for them in our taxes or in Government borrowing. The point is that the Maskers no longer have an argument to be made against the rest of us. And here in NH, given that Safer at Home has been dropped down to “Universal Best Practices”, everything is becoming voluntary again with respect to businesses.

So if you have decided to NOT take The Jab (and that’s fine with me), just don’t decide that you can continue to give me the stink eye or confront me in some store (or in some cases, even outside) because you’re a scaredy-cat. Stop imposing on me and others.  Trust me, you won’t like me much after your Holier Than Thou Mask Theology preaching.  DON’T expect me to treat you like an emotional cripple just because you haven’t bothered to “go and vote in person” (in a matter of speaking). Don’t expect me to make any allowance simply because you are scared of the WuFlu and even more scared of The Jab. Stop being afraid of WMUR’s WuFlu panic-porn and roll up your sleeve (either literally and get the jab or suck it up and get a sense of courage and responsibility instead of acting as a permanent Victim; that time has now passed).

My life is too short to deal with your problems and issues. Don’t like it, stay home.

And why do I get the feeling I’ve already said this before????  WHY do I even have to say it again?

(H/T: Instapundit)