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Health Freedom NH – Bills to watch on Monday, March 1st

Note: at Tuesday night’s reboot of our GrokMeetup series, I met a couple of ladies that said they were part of Health Freedom NH and wanted to get the word out on some bills that they wanted to bring to peoples’ attention.

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

A Story About Using the GraniteGrok Mask Order Medical Exception Placard

I get folks emailing me from time to time with stories about using ‘Grok’s Mask Exemption placard, like this one. “Hi Skip, I went to Walmart, the door employee referred me to masks available inside, didn’t even try to hand me one, so I did not need to show the lanyard.”

Sununu crowned bobblehead

Sununu Proves He Believes He’s an Elected King

We take shots at the Pravda on the Merrimack (Concord Monitor) and just like everyone else we thank them when they’re right. In an article in which both the headline and the lede gets it correct Ethan DeWitt nails it and properly confirms my title.

Sununu - don't need no stinkin constitution

Chris Sununu Has Created Two Major Problems for Himself.

Chris Sununu has created two major problems for himself. He has created a Constitutional Crisis, as the people of New Hampshire no longer trust him. They have declared that they no longer have any obligations to live under an unconstitutional form of government currently being forced on the good people of the State of New …

Chris Sununu Has Created Two Major Problems for Himself. Read More »

law Illegal Legal

The Governor’s Emergency Orders Are Not Law

Public notice to all public officials including and not limited to the Attorney Generals’ office or law enforcement agency. If you attempt to enforce the Governors guidance as law, you will be subject to criminal prosecution as the Governor’s emergency orders are not law.