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Emergency order will standardize clothing sizes

A source in Governor Sununu’s office has indicated that an emergency order will be issued in the next few days, setting a single size for pants, and another for shoes, to be adopted by all clothing retailers and wholesalers, thrift stores, tailors and other alteration services, dry cleaners, and laundromats throughout New Hampshire.

The sizes will be chosen after consultation with the governors of other New England states.

Methods for enforcing the order, and penalties for non-compliance, are being evaluated by the Governor’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force.  The issue of online purchases has proved to be a sticking point in deliberations.

“The governor is committed to working with our regional partners to ensure that our one-size-fits-all approach to re-opening our state’s economy addresses not just masks, but other articles of clothing that play a crucial role in protecting people from exposure to the COVID-19 virus,” the source said.

The order is expected to expire after Christmas.   Sleepwear and slippers are expected to be exempt from sizing requirements, unless worn outside the home.  Other articles of clothing may be addressed by later orders, if needed.

Residents should contact the task force as soon as possible to vote for their preferred pants (waist and inseam) and shoe (length and width) sizes.