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Data Point – So where’s the Data that Supports NH Gov. Baby Huey’s Continued Emergency Orders? (Not Here!)

New Hampshire Coronavirus

And with this, how long will David Brooks of the Concord Monitor (whose articles, being more Science-based, I generally like to read) continue to post these up:

Data Point One:

NH New COVID cases - 14 day ave

Data Point Two:

NH New COVID Hospitalizations 14 day ave

Data Point Three:

So, Guv – here’s the Science. In ALL of these major data elements, when compared to NH’s 1.36 million population, these aren’t even rounding errors. Period. Why do you think you have to keep the heavy hand of Government on us?

When are you going to smarten up – has your MIT degree failed you? Most smart people would look at these, look at you, look at these again, and go:

What a maroon.

Or is it a case where you don’t trust your constituents any more? If this is the case, stop being Governor Nanny and resign.

Let us adults decide the risks for ourselves – or do you think of us as children? Isn’t that what Freedom is all about? Freedom FROM Government interference?  Or has your MIT heritage and the Power of your Pen gone to your head?

Yeah, I went there.