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New Hampshire’s Super Spreader’s of Liberty!

Have you seen me constitution on a milk carton

Had enough yet? We’re into month eight of Covidism, the modern form of public health fascism. A disease that has flattened the curve on liberty. An infection that seven New Hampshire Republicans have chosen to stand athwart, yelling stop!

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They’d like to investigate whether Governor Flununu overstepped his authority with all these emergency orders. All the Whereas this and that crap without needing to get a by your leave from the legislature.

I’m sure the ruling class Republican establishment is crapping kittens. They’ve gone “Greta.” How dare they. How indeed? Imagine this power in the hands of a Democrat governor.

Wait, we don’t need to imagine it.

On Cuomo, and Newcomb, and Murphy and Pritzker. Northam and Whitman and Wheeler and Wolfe.

The “do as I say crowd” is a who’s-who of apocalyptic horsemen kneecapping liberty in the name of public health. Whereas, you have no rights because we say so. If you need me, I’ll be dining with friends and family, on your dime, unmasked, no distancing, leave a message after the “you hypocritical piece of Bleep!”

“It could be worse,” but that’s no excuse for not wanting to make it better, and it needs to be better. Pressure applied; examples made. Go long to open up the short passing game. In the lane, along the crease, up the middle.

The nation is swirling the bowl. Republican governors like Baker and Scott are no better than Democrats and possibly worse because they should know better. Chris Sununu, no less a northeastern Republican than the others, has been fence-sitting. Tossing breadcrumbs to both sides.

The Left wants Cuomo, the right wants Noem, but New Hampshire’s state motto happens to be something we liberty folk takes seriously.

Live Free or Die. It is so obvious it does not need explination.

Sununu says no. Public Health Trumps everything (lite). He’s not Cuomo or Pritzker, or even Scott or Baker, but he has been and could be.

Democrats have been demanding more public health fascism all year. They want Newsomism or Cuomoism, but Granite Stater’s just showed the Democrats to the door on November 3rd. Is it a sign?

Not that they needed it. Liberty is not just in jeopardy; it’s on the ropes. It needs champions. Seven brave Republicans have stepped up to push back. You need to help them.

Be a super spreader of liberty. Let them know you support an investigation into returning power handed over to the state’s chief executive back to the legislature where it belongs. Checks and balances.

We’ve been under the boot from April to November. In a normal year, that’s a 162-game baseball season and the playoffs. The word emergency no longer applies.

These are now just orders, and no governor should have that kind of power.

And since the US Constitution is on the milk carton, no President should have it either.