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The Portland shooting could be a "flashpoint."

The Portland Shooting Could be a “Flashpoint”

The mayor of Portland, Oregon is an idiot and that’s being kind. He is pleading for an end to the violence. How stupid can one mayor be? Yes, after a person was shot and killed the mayor thinks maybe things have gone too far.

Message from Minneapolis

Message from Minneapolis

Minneapolis is not yet at Chicago’s level of crime but violent crime is surging. Give it some time. They have determination, no commonsense, and are trying very hard. And it looks as though they are on the path to “success.”

Know Your Candidate

Turning Out Muslims for Biden

Democrat Joe Biden is urging Muslims to join him. He wants them to help him fight to defeat the President. He made the move clear in addressing an online summit. The host of the summit, Emgage Action is an advocacy organization. It is mobilizing Muslim voters ahead of the American presidential election.