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Dirty Dan Feltes

Character, Candidates, and Senator Dan Feltes

That Dan Feltes has been a lawyer and legislator with little executive or managerial experience is relevant to his candidacy for Governor of New Hampshire. But there are other considerations regarding higher office aspirations—like character.

What Democrat leadership looks like

What Democrat Leadership Looks like

What Democrat leadership looks like is Portland Oregon. There has been months on end of rioting. There are many assaults. The citizens cannot use the streets without fear. Commerce is slowing and businesses are leaving.

The Portland shooting could be a "flashpoint."

The Portland Shooting Could be a “Flashpoint”

The mayor of Portland, Oregon is an idiot and that’s being kind. He is pleading for an end to the violence. How stupid can one mayor be? Yes, after a person was shot and killed the mayor thinks maybe things have gone too far.