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Know Your Candidate

Turning Out Muslims for Biden

Democrat Joe Biden is urging Muslims to join him. He wants them to help him fight to defeat the President. He made the move clear in addressing an online summit. The host of the summit, Emgage Action is an advocacy organization. It is mobilizing Muslim voters ahead of the American presidential election.

Democrat Appeasement of the Squeaky Wheels

Have the squeaky wheels taken over?

Here in America, as in all free societies, we’ve always functioned under a simple, but essential concept – the principle of majority rule.  It has its flaws, but it’s vastly superior to totalitarian regimes, dictatorships, and oligarchies.

the Black Constituency

Why Is the Black Constituency So Hard Core Democrat?

Academia and the media are involved in peddling a narrative. Black America has bought the narrative they are pushing lock, stock, and barrel. The narrative is: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago the GOP used to be the party of black America. The Democrat Party was the racist party.