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Karl Marx

The Left and the Rise of Marxism

Is it a case of ordained fate we cannot escape or is it that We the People are too dense to learn from our own mistakes? Paging through humanity’s history, time, and again we find numerous instances of costly mistakes where people ignore facts and reason by entrusting their lives to a “savior.”

America with chinese characteristics Flag

Democrat Bucket List: An America with Chinese Characteristics

China is a communist country. Making people disappear is a thing you don’t ask about unless you want to disappear. Rights are not a thing; you don’t have any. But the CCP discovered something important. Markets. Communism needs money, but communism is a disincentive to create wealth.

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You are responsible for me so I can control you (as I like)

Alternative title 1:  Community above the Individual Alternative title 2: the government has made us all our brothers’ keepers. That is a political philosophy called Communitarianism. The short definition is a feeling of community but on steroids with the control clamps being brought out of the secret drawers.

The Shroud of Socialism

The shroud of socialism won’t be lifted with Bernie’s defeat

  Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing:  Bernie Sanders cannot defeat President Trump in the general election.  While his raucous crowds and early campaign victories suggest widespread support, a recent Gallup poll confirms that 53 percent of Americans surveyed would not vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

The goal of socialism is communism

Face the Truth About Socialism

It is time for Bernie and all the people thinking of supporting him to face the truth about Socialism. Socialism works in opposition to liberty. It destroys free societies. America today faces a wide array of threats with one commonality: They all oppose American freedom.