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Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

Not Guilty!

Well, after seeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on TV I feared leftist pressure would pervert our justice system. However, twelve people, good and true, pronounced him “not guilty” on all counts. Of course the Left is going nuts, many still sound like they spent their time watching Andy Griffin reruns and expecting a white man …

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Let's Go Brandon Mug

Let’s Go Brandon Rally: A Tale of Two Brandons

The first bit of harsh winter weather showed up just in time for a much anticipated Let’s Go Brandon (LGB) rally in Brandon, VT. The quintessential Vermont hamlet saw a near-freezing rain much of the day that saturated the crowd of some one hundred fifty participants.

Sun King Sununu

Why Sununu Rants Against Republicans

Skip recently posted BlogQuestion of the Day – So, Will NH Governor Chris Sununu Keep Ranting at Republicans? To answer Skip’s question, we need to understand why Sununu resorts to rants. We can place his rants into two categories.

Sun King Sununu

Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American”

So the GOP Executive Councilors were NOT the only ones on the receiving end of Sun-King Sununu’s vitriol yesterday. I know that it has been a tough year for New Hampshire’s Sun-King. His precious poll numbers have been precipitously plummeting as more and more people grow more and more tired of maintaining an endless state …

Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American” Read More »

Mother in apron in kitchen with child pexels-elina-fairytale-3807358


This letter is to the women out there. I need to ask you something. Are you feeling it? That lump of anxiety in your chest suspended over a hollow feeling in your stomach. Something is happening, and our children are in danger.

Money cash

Is Capitalism Evil?

The cover page of the July 4th Union Leader read, “Poetry Returns with a Slam,” headlining the return of Slam Free or Die, a poetry club that had not met in person since the beginning of the COVID lockdowns.

Integrity Flickr


Several years ago, during a Presidential Primary, I, along with two other men both younger than myself, were in Dover, New Hampshire, with a reporter doing an interview over lunch.  The reporter asked me, “what is it that you are looking for in a candidate?”