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Is Capitalism Evil?

The cover page of the July 4th Union Leader read, “Poetry Returns with a Slam,” headlining the return of Slam Free or Die, a poetry club that had not met in person since the beginning of the COVID lockdowns.

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Several years ago, during a Presidential Primary, I, along with two other men both younger than myself, were in Dover, New Hampshire, with a reporter doing an interview over lunch.  The reporter asked me, “what is it that you are looking for in a candidate?”

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Go East, Go East

Beautiful sunny California, formerly the land of idyllic dreams, has clean broad avenues and boulevards in sparkling cities by the sea. Now, however, anyone can sense the rise of the politically correct Leftism in those great cities are becoming homes to the hovels of the homeless, acts of defecation and urinations on sidewalks and streets, …

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