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The Link Between Critical Race Theory and Christianity

Did you know there is a link between Critical Race Theory and Christianity? Parents should understand that when Critical Race Theory is brought into their child’s classroom, their children may be subjected to what is considered a heretical Christian worldview.

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“The Ease of Atheism”

I’ve known Erick Erickson for over a decade when I met him at a collection of 49 other State level bloggers called Samsphere that was put together by a (now defunct) Liberty group called, oddly enough, the Sam Adams Alliance. I’m still in touch with some of those bloggers including Jim Hoft who owns The …

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Why Is the Left So Fearful Of Christians?”

In his Boston Herald op. ed. Column Focus on the Family president Jim Daly makes many valid points (“Why is the left so fearful of Christians?” April 25, 2021); but I would like to add one more.

Babylon Bee: Which Politician is less Likely to Make My Faith Illegal?

Yeah, the Babylon Bee – a post from 2019 but isn’t as much satire any more given the nomination of ACB (Amy Coney Barrett) to the Supreme Court by President Trump.  A poke two (or is that three?) ways. Let me first put this into context from Hillary Clinton’s promise.

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Preaching the Christian Gospel in Public Labeled Hate Speech

The war on Judeo-Christian faith, like the war on families and marriage, is about knocking down barriers to Marxism. I articulated it well enough here, so I won’t repeat those points. But they apply to this topic. A pastor has been charged with hate speech for preaching near homosexuals.

The War to Destroy Christianity in America

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, many well-intentioned people around the world wondered how it could have happened. And the question for our time is could something like it ever happen again?