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Shariah versus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So You Want to Submit to Islam…

If you want to submit to Islam, then you should know that Islam is an Arabic word. It Literally means submission. The “to who’ and ‘to what’ one must submit in Islam are the will and pleasure of Allah.

Mega Church Pastor Renounces Christianity

The church, just like our nation, is being rattled with constant shifts, some good, and some bad. Recently, author and former pastor, Joshua Harris, renounced his faith in Jesus and rejected Christianity.

John Locke

Of John Locke

Having discussed the definitions of martial law and militia, it is time to begin the discussing the object of our study, the political philosophies of John Locke and roots of our Republics in his philosophies. To that end I will begin with who is John Locke. I myself have just finished a 400 page biography of …

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Merry Hanukwanzmas

Happy Christmakwanzukkah?  How about Yule or Saturnalia?  Whatever your winter solstice holiday poison may be you can bet your Establishment Clause and his eight tiny ACLU reindeer that the real winners will be the secular humanists and the flying monkey Lawyer-politicians that pull their empty sleigh; craven acolytes of the void, committed to pressuring anyone …

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Do You Get Tim Tebow?

I’m listening to Michael Graham on the way home last night.  It is at most a 15 minute drive so there isn’t much exposure to the program and I frequently tune in in the middle of some topic.  Last night I caught part of a segment on Tim Tebow,  the sudden attention he has attracted, …

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Government As God

For as long as I can recall the New Hampshire Democrat Party has been using the “Press Release” to make up crap about people, misrepresent the words they use, change the meaning of their words, or in some cases creating out of whole cloth whatever perception they think will advance their clawing obsession with accumulating political power by damaging anyone or anything that stands between them and their Pinky and The Brain like nightly quest (minus the Brain) to take over the world.