Babylon Bee: Which Politician is less Likely to Make My Faith Illegal? - Granite Grok

Babylon Bee: Which Politician is less Likely to Make My Faith Illegal?

Yeah, the Babylon Bee – a post from 2019 but isn’t as much satire any more given the nomination of ACB (Amy Coney Barrett) to the Supreme Court by President Trump.  A poke two (or is that three?) ways. Let me first put this into context from Hillary Clinton’s promise.

The promise of what her Presidency would have looked like for people of faith (even as she, like Biden, boasted about her faith even as she trampled on it):

  • “We need to stop  worrying about the rights of the  individual and start worrying about what is best for society!” — Hillary Clinton, 1993
  • “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

She’s not alone in that thought process. Enter in the Babylon Bee (emphasis mine):

Christian Just Voting For Whichever Political Party Less Likely To Make His Faith Illegal One Day

CENTERVILLE, FL—Local Christian man Larry Michaels admitted Wednesday that he just votes for whichever political party is less likely to make his faith illegal one day.

Michaels often votes for one party over the other but confessed he only does so because they’re not outright antagonistic toward the core tenets of Christianity.

“I don’t particularly love the party I usually vote for, but hey! They’re a little less likely to one day outlaw my faith,” he told a friend, also stating that while he doesn’t really love politics, it’s probably better to hold your nose and prevent an openly anti-Christian candidate from taking office. The man is often accused of selling out his faith for the purpose of political power, but he just shrugged. “I mean, I don’t really care to win the culture wars or anything. But the candidates I support tend to be slightly more prone to just leave me alone.

At publishing time, Christians who abstained from voting were silently thankful that people like Michaels are willing to do the dirty work of voting in self-defense.

Unlike Bernie-Bros and the other Collectivists that demand that the rest of us not only be absorbed into their Borg. but also their belief system.

I assume you’ve also watched their brownshirts, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter, attack and assail and demand, sometimes under the threat of force, that people surrender beliefs and mouth theirs? Just like what the Communists in China are doing to Christians there. Or what the militant secularists and atheists are also doing here in America. Land of the Free?

“We’ll give you the freedom of belief but only if it is ours” is the message that the Left is giving out.

At ACB’s Senate confirmation for her current position for the Federal Appeals Court in the 7th District, the anti-religiosity came out strong when US Senator Diane Feinstein (D- Heathen Lands) derisively said of ACB’s strong Catholic beliefs: “The dogma lives strongly in you”. In years passed, that used to be a good thing. Now, an epithet.

Being based in our common Judeo-Christian philosophy used to be taken as a belief in something greater than yourself and a belief that, one day, you will have to make an accounting of your life to God. Strongly held, it tends to moderate most people’s actions, words, and beliefs.

Even the Left believes in it although their altar is different: Government. And trust me, their belief in Government as their god is often FAR stronger than some of the Back Row Baptists I’ve known (who are the RINOs of their faith (if I can plagiarize from two different modes of faith for a moment) – mouth the words but their “Saturday nite revelries” were in sharp contrast to the “Sunday morning appearances”). And these Progressives and Socialists are FAR more adamant in their proselytize for their “faith” as they put the force of Government behind it.

Theirs is mandatory or else while Christianity is voluntary. They have taken the Danbury Letter to the Baptists to its illogical conclusion with “separation of Church and State” and melded the two together just like any Muslim country adopts Shariah Law. And like Islam, they bristle at any instance of “apostasy” from it. And we will see this, once again, during Barrett’s confirmation trial (no, not a hearing – the Democrats will put on a show trial) as they will use her faith against her as a reason for not confirming her.

After all, by betraying her sex and being a Conservative and a Christian, so goes their thought, she needs to be treated as a heretic. So much for the last vestiges of #BelieveAllWomen if you don’t believe like us, eh? Yet, the MSM and secular politicans are all out in support of “Catholic” Gropey Joe Biden who denies that Life is derived from God and is pro-choice.

And you wonder why “Larry” votes the way he does?  And why the Left doesn’t understand why Evangelicals still support Trump even though his personal life often personified a “fallen” man rather a “forgiven” one?

Unlike Hillary (and other Progressives) who made it quite clear our faith was at great risk, Trump has actually talked about God and the Bible – and then backed up his words with actions that show us that he is that one protecting our faith. He has said that while it looks like the Left is after him, they are really after the rest of us. I judge that to be true.

They don’t leave us alone. They do see us, at best, as serfs to be told what to do and believe. At worst, we’re just the mice and rats in their “scientific” form of government that experiments with our lives (see here). Sorry but the promised “Heaven on Earth” never appears and we are in danger, out of physical misery and spiritual deprivation, of losing our souls.

To a point I’ve made over and over again and the Babylon piece speaks directly to it:

At publishing time, Christians who abstained from voting were silently thankful that people like Michaels are willing to do the dirty work of voting in self-defense.

Before GraniteGrok came along, I used to write a LOT of Letters to the Editor and every Sunday, fellow church members would come over and thank me for writing. I’d ask – we share our faith together – if you like mine, write yours in defense of it. “Oh no”, I heard, “I don’t do that”. Other said “we are not of this world” meaning that our time here on earth was but transitory and having been saved by Christ’s death on the cross, their eyes were focused on heaven only (and forgetting the admonition that we were called to be the “salt of the earth”, a “shining light” and not apart from this world).

Too many Christians won’t fight because they’ve embraced the Left’s abusing of “turn the other cheek” in silencing them, that Christianity is just stoicism by another word – just take it and shut up.

The Babylon piece makes it clear – the Christian Church has either been co-opted (like many “Mainline Protestant” denominations that have “moved on” from Biblical teachings to Social Justice with a sprinkle of “Godliness”) and have become the Church of Chicken Little – too scared and willing to do too little.