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As Notre Dame Burns, Hate Crimes Against Christians in France Averaging over 1000 per Year

Notre Dame Burns

The media spends a lot of time reporting attacks against Muslims, but they are the least persecuted religion in all of France. Yes, you have to say, ‘All of France.’ According to the government the faith most under attack in not Muslims, nor even Jews, it’s Christians.

Somebody is deliberately trying to erase Christianity from L’hexagone. 

The number of anti-Semitic attacks (541) rose 74 percent from 2017-2018 while anti-Muslim attacks numbered just 100, the lowest since 2010.

Meanwhile, in the same period, there were 1063 anti-Christian attacks, a slight increase on the previous year.

Also, according to RT care of Summit News, “A deliberate attack on the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris which caused nearly a million euros in damage was reported by the mainstream media as a ‘brief fire’ in which no one was hurt.” 

So, the two-year average has escalated to over 1000 per year. And major Christian landmarks are being deliberately burned, defaced, or destroyed.

Quick question. If any nation were averaging more than 1000 reported attacks against Muslims, would we know as little about it? Everyone would know. But who among us knew this assault against Christians and Christianity was underway?

In the Middle East, maybe. Islamic groups have been cleansing the ‘Holy Land’ of Christians. Some African nations with large or growing Muslim populations have been slaughtering entire towns (including tolerant Muslims) if Christianity is practiced.

None of which is getting any sort of legacy media attention.

Back in Europe, the French government is thought to be suppressing the reports of attacks on Christians. Which means 1063 might be a low number.

And while there is no immediate connection between these religious (dare I use the word) hate crimes and the destruction of Notre Dame, given the French proclivity to hide such connections we should assume it will be labeled an accident indefinitely.

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