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The Truth of the Existence of Climate Denialism is Proof of the Existence of Climate Change

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I’ve been on a Michael Rectenwald bender of late. He’s the Marxist NYU Professor who got run out of NYU for daring to challenge the identity politics orthodoxy. He’s evolved into more of a libertarian as a result. But as a credentialed professors steeped in Marxism he is uniquely qualified to comment on their antics.

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To give you a sense of this you can check out his blog, which is where I found this beauty on the matter of climate change. In this instance, we have his thoughts on the remarks of a Marxist Climate Cultist and how they use faith to justify opposition to denialism.

Rectenwald summarizes the comparison.

Paradoxically, perhaps like the Christian believer, believers in global warming shouldn’t just reject the unbelievers’ claims as denialism. Rather, they should see the truth in them. That is, believers in global warming should see the truth of the existence of global warming in the furious denialism, just as Christian believers should see the truth of God in the unbeliever’s stubborn denial of God’s existence.

You’re refusing to see their “truth” is more proof that what they see is the truth. This is fine if we’re talking about faith in a deity but this is the deliberate redistribution of wealth and power on par with Marxism (which is what Climate Alarmism seeks to advance), the Medieval Roman Church (or Islam at any point in its existence).

The irrefutable hypothesis. True and complete faith. Which, again, is great and essentially human, but we’re talking about science as dogma. Scientism. From a party that insists faith and science should not be mixed. Where faith in anything but the state is a sin against the state.

The Climate State. A state looking to justify massive economic interventions and a complete realignment of the energy and transportation infrastructure (to advance Marxism) based on the deification of that program as unassailable based on faith.

In other words, Climate Change is a religion.