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Preaching the Christian Gospel in Public Labeled Hate Speech

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The war on Judeo-Christian faith, like the war on families and marriage, is about knocking down barriers to Marxism. I articulated it well enough here, so I won’t repeat those points. But they apply to this topic. A pastor has been charged with hate speech for preaching near homosexuals.

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For clarity, when I say Marxism, I am referring to Democrat Socialism. Same tree, same poisoned fruit. For the poison to take hold, the foundations of the American experiment need to be devalued, discredited, or just wiped out. For those who missed it, that’s the only reason Democrats pretend to care about women, gays, minorities, or transgenders.

It’s not about your needs; it is about theirs, and it fuels their war on Christianity because it is a faith that values the bonds of families and marriage in a way contrary to their supremacy goals. (Islam is a supremacy faith, so they embrace them as allies, at least for now.)

It’s Not Free Speech It’s Hate Speech

Pastor David Lynn has been prohibited from using any public municipal space for his congregation after openly preaching the Christian Gospel in the “gay village” in Toronto.

The charismatic pastor was arrested June 4 after an LGBT crowd mobbed him as he preached at Church and Wellesley, in the heart of Toronto’s “gay” village, and released after a night behind bars on bail conditions barring him from “Pride” events and the homosexual district.

Lynn was ultimately charged with disturbing the peace and mischief, although police initially said they were looking into a “hate speech” charge.

“I didn’t say anything derogatory,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“I basically said, ‘God loves you, God’s calling you, there’s hope for you’. I got arrested on allegations of hate speech, but there was clearly no hate speech. And so they came up with this bogus charge of disturbing the peace.”

He was set up to fail. Now he’s a criminal facing legal fees and fines. Pay attention, please.

New Hampshire could easily duplicate this charge. The passage of an anti-conversion therapy law stifles free speech and association. It limits conversation about sex and gender to a state-defined framework. You can talk about becoming gay or transgender but are forbidden to discuss going straight, even if that is what the patient desires. 

It is a small leap for a Human Rights Commission or any diversity or anti-discrimination board or activist to equate the expression of Christian faith with intolerance, hate speech, or merely a form conversion therapy. This is one of the many reasons why I opposed the law.

It is speech suppression, compelled speech, and a legal trap; all rolled into a state statute that should be repealed.

No, Canada does not enjoy First Amendment protections. But like Europe, it presents a template to us of what we can or should expect from the left in America.

We are on a similar trajectory. Liberal mobs and the legislators they support are continually pushing the envelope to test how much of our speech or association or religious liberty they can infringe. Even when they know, it might fail in the courts.

It allows them to work the narrative – to convert Americans away from negative rights to positive rights defined by bureaucrats. Which suits their ultimate goal. To undermine the foundations of the American experiment in pursuit of a more totalitarian state.

A state that, once achieved, will discard minorities, gays, and women faster than I can say “I told you so.”

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