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And the Party of Government is?

The party of government is, of course, Democrats. The more, the merrier – and intrusive. It’s starting to reach that hackneyed level but the Democrat National Committee had it at their 2012 Convention:

COVID Fear Monsters and panic

I Think We Flattened That Curve

Looking at the CDC’s provisional weekly COVID death statistics (through July 4, 2020), what part of this graph tells you that we need to still be 1) wearing masks, 2) worried about sending kids back to school, 3) shutting down ANY part of ANY business or 4) listening to the media (ratings) and politicians (control, …

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Virus Mask

So, What Does “Safe” Mean, Anyway?

We’ve heard a lot of talk about masks, social separation, constant washing of hands, etc. We’ve been told that these extra “protective measures” are needed “until it’s safe.”