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CDC – Only 6% Were COVID Deaths, The Rest Was Money Laundering

As early as March, we had reports coming in of what amounts to insurance fraud without the insurance (sort of). Anyone with COVID equaled cash, and if it appeared on the Death certificate, more cash. So, those “evil” doctors and Hospitals Democrats had warned us about were cashing in big time.

How Deadly is Covid?

Data Point – WuFlu survival rates by age groups

Covid’s Risks My always wise friend and sometime co-author Lyle Albaugh has from the start understood that Covid, while certainly no nothingburger, is not remotely close to being the extraordinary monster that it has become in the popular mind. And so he’s having the following information printed on business-card-sized notices: COVID-19 INFECTION SURVIVAL RATES (per CDC) Ages …

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When You Elect Leftists you Invite Violence

Looking down the road to November we need to remember elections have consequences. When you elect Leftists you invite violence. When you elect Leftists you are voting to end America. You knew or should have known this.