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Black Lives Matter


A Tale of Cancel Culture – Daring to Question Black Lives Matter

The Left is vindictive and of a hive mind. Like a swarm of killer bees (as we’ve seen on GraniteGrok, the Bickfords in Gilford and newly elected NH State Rep Dawn Johnson of Laconia), they come from near and wide not to disagree with you in a debate, but to Silence you.


ACLU-NH Cuts Staff, Lets Website Domain Expire

According to their Twitter account, the ACLU-NH recently let go of two staff members, Palana Belken, Trans Justice Organizer, and Steven Kidder, Field Organizer. This morning, I went to the ACLU-NH website to see what other staffing changes they had made, when I discovered that their website domain had expired.

Pick a peaceful protest

Black Lives Matter – BLM Leaders Saying what they Really Are

When the real “peaceful protests” started to not be peaceful at all, and when you couldn’t tell the BLM rioters from the Antifa ones, we shouldn’t have been surprised. I try to take people at their word when they are saying something “important” (as opposed to noticeably just joking around).


Blogline of the Day – Equity over Freedom

Black Lives Matter rioting is the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution. Remember – Equity is just another word for racial quotas. Freedom is the word that means YOU choose for you and not someone else.

Map of BLM-Antifa protests riots in US

Data Point – Map of BLM and Antifa Protests and Riots Across the US

USA Today has that as an interactive map that has incidents of actual peaceful protests (like those, pretty much, here in NH). However, as we all know, many (if not most) degenerated into Marxist believing mobs with “Death to America” (Hey are we in Iran!).

Seattle Riots

The Destruction is the Distraction

We are now seeing the results of a plan that was two years and more in planning. You may have read stories in the 2018 election of how George Soros (yes, that enemy of our country), had poured a lot of money into political races for Attorneys General and District Attorneys.