We Finally Found Some Cops That BLM Doesn't Want Defunded - In Cuba! - Granite Grok

We Finally Found Some Cops That BLM Doesn’t Want Defunded – In Cuba!

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Some organizations here in America can’t help blaming us for every bad thing that happens or has happened in history.

Take Black Lives Matter (BLM) who have jumped on the disturbances in Cuba, peaceful demonstrators shouting “Libertad” to the repressive Marxist Communist dictatorship, to blame U.S. sanctions instead of any semblance of freedom in that island nation.

BLM is a Marxist organization, according to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors who declared, “BLM creators are trained Marxists,” so no wonder they are supporting that Communist regime; it’s 100% totalitarian Marxist socialist.

Guess they choose to forget the current administration in Washington is one they supported and approved of but are now pressuring President Biden to lift the sanctions and support totalitarians. I thought they said it is America that was suppressing black rights?

Will Biden fold? I wouldn’t bet against it even though the suppression of the people is cranking up once again. Cuban police and party loyalists are arresting and shooting unarmed peaceful demonstrators. As Jim Geraghty said, “Finally, cops BLM don’t want defunded.”

It seems that very few folks here in this country can still believe these Marxists give a darn about black lives, it’s all about power as Marxism always is. People become subjects, not citizens in the leftist mindsets. Human rights have become a quaint, outdated idea; while laws are tailored to preserve those in power, all the rest are expendable.

Can anyone seriously expect they can call any Marxist nation free? Does any American person of sane mind, or otherwise, want to immigrate to any one of those nations? Nope, not even Bernie Sanders or Michael Moore would even consider doing so, and that has to tell doubters all they need to know.

Aside from raw suppression, what is the biggest drawback of Marxist socialism? It’s the inability to generate anything like a meaningful economic economy. That’s because it takes huge amounts of other people’s money to command and bribe those who keep them in power through terror and force. This may be why here in America, the unrelenting attack on capitalism is a major part of the socialist agenda. Without the capitalist economy, only the richest few could buy their way to ultimate power.

So who is it that controls the mainstream media again?