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Accusations of Antisemitism are Now Islamophobic and Racist

Democrats continue to reward us with their antics. Not long after we predicted that calling out antisemitism would be labeled islamophobic Rashida Tlaib proved us right. Now it’s time for the next phase. Accusations of antisemitism are not just Islamophobic; they are racist. 

Linda Sarsour-and Iljan Omar

Sarsour: Labeling Ilhan Omar an Antisemite is a Stereotype

The evolution of the Left’s narrative on antisemitism continues. A few weeks ago, it was declared Islamophobic. Now, practicing antisemite Linda Sarsour (Islamophobe!) is adding a new dimension. Framing Ilhan Omar’ antisemitic comments as antisemitic is a stereotype.

Linda Sarsour

You Have More In Common With the Christchurch Murderer than Mr. Trump

My initial takeaway from this story about Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour (Women’s March) is that you can’t care about Muslims and care about Jews. She admits to being triggered by people offering condolences to the families of those killed in New Zealand after inciting a mob (or so she claims) against Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar - as a MN State Rep

Antisemitism Now Mainstream Among New Hampshire Democrats

Meet Shaye Weldon, the “Organizing Director” of the New Hampshire Young Democrats: Needless to say, Representative Ilhan Omar needs no introduction. The United States House just passed a resolution that began as a condemnation of Omar’s antisemitism, but ended up condemning “hate” in general because the progressive wing of the Democrat majority rallied to Omar’s …

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Stand Up or Get Out

The young, upstart, leftist, future leaders of the Democrat Party are off and running 60 days in! And what are they up to is as expected – hate. You need a target if you want to bully a person or people and the Democrat “in crowd” have chosen Israel and Jews, in general. The dog …

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