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Sarsour: Labeling Ilhan Omar an Antisemite is a Stereotype

Linda Sarsour-and Iljan Omar

The evolution of the Left’s narrative on antisemitism continues. A few weeks ago, it was declared Islamophobic. Now, practicing antisemite Linda Sarsour (Islamophobe!) is adding a new dimension. Framing Ilhan Omar’ antisemitic comments as antisemitic is a stereotype.

Sarsour blames white Jews – another antisemitic trope – for falsely accusing Rep. Omar who “didn’t know [anything] in Somalia about no anti-Semitism.”

Pamela Geller doesn’t buy that.

A Muslim country that doesn’t know about antisemitism — that would be like growing up in America and not knowing anything about Mickey Mouse. Antisemitism is in the air Somalis breathe and the water they drink. Sarsour is relying on Americans’ ignorance.

Or is it the Left’s refusal to think outside the Party’s ideological plantation.

Muslims are at the Top of the Identity Politics Food Chain

As this smokescreen continues to thicken I ask myself, what the heck do Jewish Democrats think about all of this? Jews have long been reliable Democrat votes which makes about as much sense as Blacks and Women voting for Democrats. They should all be getting suspicious of the Democrat party’s motivations. So should feminists.

The Left has placed women with penises above feminists on the identity politics ladder. But the transwomen aren’t all that special, even if they wore hijab. Muslims trump them both. So, is it any surprise how Democrats treat Jews?

And should Muslims wonder, given this dynamic, who might displace them? That’s easy. As soon as Democrats don’t think they need them, they’ll be no better than a MAGA hat wearing high school kid if they get out of line. The funny thing about that is the Islamists think the same thing about the Democrats but there’s no line.

Which should give Jews pause.

The Democrat Party can’t bring itself to speak out about antisemitism because the pecking order won’t permit it. Democrats have a higher opinion of Muslims who have a lower opinion of Jews. This means there is not only no safe space for Jews on the left, there is also declining support for them.

Their only real allies are Republicans. The GOP is more interested in their liberty, opposes antisemitism and any Muslim or Democrat who would tolerate it – because we all know where that can lead.

So, the question we have to ask now is, are Jewish Democrats all in on the false narrative about people on the right being Nazis and fascists or are they able to see clearly enough to realize that’s all a lie. Possibly (in part) to keep them on the Democrat Party plantation long enough to ensure one-party rule from the left – and we know where that can lead.

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