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In 2019 It is Not Safe to Be Openly Jewish In Germany


The German government has a commissioner on antisemitism. You’d think that means more than this – announcing to German jews that it is not safe to be openly Jewish in Germany.

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But that seems to be about the extent of his powers. Warn Jews that public displays of faith pose a threat to their well-being. Why? Right-wing radicals.

“I can’t advise Jews to wear Kippah at all times and everywhere in Germany,” Felix Klein told the Funke regional press group. He “regretted changing his previously held” opinion in this regard.

The reason was “the lifting of inhibitions and the uncouthness which is on the rise in society,” that was becoming the breeding ground for Antisemitism. Around 90 percent of the crimes were committed by right-wing radicals, he said. In case of Muslim perpetrators, it is mostly those who have been residing in German for a long time. “Many of them watched TV networks that presented a reprehensible image of Israel and the Jews.”

I guess we can say that the Antisemitism commissioner keeps track of antisemitic television programs in Germany. I guess there’s no #Woke movement for that sort of thing.

It’s also not a new problem for Germany but then neither are issues with Muslims.

We should point out here that no matter what German Commissioners hint at, anti-semitism and white supremacy are not at all related to American political conservatism. The American political right is concerned with less external force in our daily lives, primarily form Government. More liberty. Lower taxes. Education choice instead of government-school indoctrination. Individual rights to religious belief, consciousness, speech, and association. And a government restrained by a Constitution not enabled to use force to define what we can believe or say or do.

Anti-semitism and white supremacy, on the other hand, are a form of fascism and share more traits with the political left.

Students of actual history know this. Fascists are close cousins to communists. They do not disagree over the need for absolute state control. Both are totalitarian systems. They use a centralized power to distribute force and intimidation to control human behavior and belief.

Neither communism or fascism can long tolerate any religion unless the religion is itself the basis of the totalitarian fascist state.

In the secular version, nothing can be permitted to come between a man and the god-state. In Islam, God’s law is the state, and nothing can be allowed to come between man and god.

A mentality required to allow the law to translate to force in every aspect of our lives. And to empower the state to silence dissent. That bullies people until they toe the government line on everything. To arrest or prosecute them into compliance or jail them for their dissent. In many cases, the state need not involve itself, assuming the people have done the state or gods will.

Fascism and Communism are secular-supremacy ideologies. Antisemitism is a supremacy ideology. Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacists, Antifa, even the American Democrat party are all supremacy ideologies. The State before man. And they are intolerant of belief systems outside their approved narratives.

Islamofascism is a religious-supremacy ideology. This similarity is why the Left so quickly ignores antisemitism and defends its adherents. 

And in Germany, as in America, there are Muslims who have common interests with radicals who want to drive away or kill Jews. Extremists in pursuit of left-wing goals. 

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