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More Signs of Desperation from the Volinsky Campaign … #ItsyBitsyVolinsky Plays the “You’re an AntiSemite” Card

A few days ago, Steve posted about a political stunt by Andru Volinsky (hereinafter ItsyBitsyVolinsky or just ItsyBitsy):

Democrat candidate for Governor (and Executive Councilor) Andu Volinsky has attempted to use the Coronavirus outbreak and response in New Hampshire for cross-political purposes. News 9, WMUR, has called him out and unexpectedly committed journalism.

Well, ItsyBitsy’s failing, flailing campaign hit another low today when he played the “you’re an antisemite” card to avoid defending his indefensible misbehavior as an Executive Councilor.

It started with this tweet from the New Hampshire Young Republicans:

One of the Buckley-Youth twitter-trolls tried to defend ItsyBitsyVolinsky by claiming the NHYR’s tweet was antisemitic:

The Tackeff’s claim is absurd. It’s a matter of public record that Volinsky raised the issue of Frank Edelblut’s faith during his confirmation hearing before the Executive Council to be Education Commissioner … and tried to portray Edelblut as a religious kook who would try to proselytize children attending public schools. For example, the Concord Monitor’s editorial page … not surprisingly, but still disgustingly … celebrated ItsyBitsyVolinsky’s tactics:

Today, ItsyBitsy doubled down of the Tackeff’s absurd antisemitism charge:

Not a nice try, ItsyBitsy … and definitely no cigar. An antisemitic trope would be saying stuff like your girl Omar says, such as implying your loyalty as Governor would be to Israel, not New Hampshire. Our beef with you is that your loyalty would be to Karl Marx and you would resemble Stalin in implementing Marxism.

Calling ItsyBitsy out on his disgusting and malevolent treatment of Frank Edelblut … attacking his faith and falsely claiming that his faith would require him to try to proselytize children in public schools … is not antisemitic. It is telling the truth.