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KY 2A Red Flag Rally

KY ‘Red Flag Law’ Protest Triggers Liberal Media

“How many ‘Red Flags’ Do You See in These Photos from Kentucky Gun Owners Swarming the Capitol?” is the headline from Yahoo! News, who shared an Equire post about the protests in Frankfurt on Friday. One thing is certain, the protestors that gathered to oppose a Red Flag Law in KY certainly triggered the liberal …

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Dover Legislator Seeks Repeal Of NH Second Amendment

“Over intellect will make you a genius, over emotions will make you a lunatic.” ― Amit Kalantri Ridding Ourselves of Part First, Article 2A Dover Democrat Peter B. Schmidt wants to snuff out your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Representative Schmidt filed LSR#2020-2262 the title of which is, Establishing a committee to study …

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The Quest To Override Governor Sununu’s Gun Control Vetoes

Katherine Rogers and her cadre of Gun control freaks in Concord keep spinning yarns about reducing violence by gun control laws. What violence? Where specifically? The Governor vetoed their legislative screed. Now they will try and override that veto. Yes Indeed. It is pure nonsense. Fiction. A lie made out of whole cloth. The Leftist …

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More Corporate Virtue Signaling

CVS, Walgreens and Wegmans are the latest corporate #MeToo virtue signalers. On Thursday, September 5, CVS, on their CVSHealth,com site released the following statement: We support the efforts of individuals and groups working to prevent gun violence, and continually review our policies and procedures to ensure our stores remain a safe environment. We join a growing …

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Gun Grabbers, Dr Seuss-Style

6 Years ago (May 3, 2013) with a little time on my hands, I wrote this doggerel based on Dr Seuss Books. I thought it might be a welcome side note to all this turmoil we now face.



Fudds are all around us. What is a Fudd? A Fudd is a gun-owner who supports and sometimes advocates for traditional hunting guns but favors gun controls and the banning of other guns such as handguns, tactical rifles, standard capacity magazines. These people misguidedly call said magazines, “high capacity” because they hold more than ten …

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Dr Seuss and Gun Grabbers

You can not, shall not have a gun,  This banning craze has just begun…  Guns and bullets make me ill,  Pass the Kool-Aid if you will…  You don’t really need a gun,  From violent criminals you can run!  And when the violent felons come …  You have scissors, but don’t you run!  And to defenseless …

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The Gun Maker’s Exodus Part II

“The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S.” —That “Happy Warrior”Vice-President Joseph Biden That is what he said…and without much credibility because we know that vice president Biden is a stupid person. Alas, the “Happy Warrior.”  This quote is instructive, because on …

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